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zondag 25 maart 2012

Een brief (door zoonlief)

Opdracht in de Engelse les: Schrijf een informele en formele brief...
Resultaat :

a. Informal

To: Alfred@jodokus.kwak
Subject: can't talk :'(

Hi Alfred!

You'll never believe what happened to me yesterday.
When I woke up from my daily nap I noticed that my teeth were stolen.
Remember those landmines we had to deal with in WWII? Well, I felt like one that had been stepped on.
If there's a thing I really need in this godforsaken circus, it’s my teeth.
I can't eat nor conversate with my roommate.
I think it must have been one of those clowns in their white coats, who wanted to take revenge for that heart-attack-prank I played on them last week.


b. Formal

Dear Mme/Sir

This afternoon, after I woke up, I found myself in shock because my dentures had disappeared.
I am very upset, which does not do any good to my weak heart, because my dentures are the only thing in this world I still care about.
Without them I can not eat, neither can I maintain the few social contacts I have left.
I have my reasons to believe that the employees of the cardiac department are involved in this drama. It would be obliging if you could investigate this matter.

Thanks in advance

Bazil G. Hamilton Jr.
Formar Corporal of the 13th Armored Devision Support Command

(Komt dat nu omdat het van mijn zoon is of is het ECHT zo grappig?
Telkens ik het lees lig ik hier in een deuk!)

- DagEnDauw -